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Engine Combustion Analysis Kit

Engine Combustion Analysis Kit
The Engine Combustion Analysis kit is a device designed for measuring, processing and transferring engine test data to any computer, such data is primarily intended for educational and research use. It consists of Data Acquisition module; Sensors for IC engine Combustion Studies, Sensor mounting accessories, Windows based computer software and Inter connecting cables, facilitating it to be readily installed on your existing petrol or diesel engines.
Systems Capabilities
To Calculate PV and P-θ diagrams, Mass Fraction Burnt Angle, Estimated End of Combustion Angle (EEOC), Gross IMEP, Maximum Heat Release Rate, Maximum Heat Release rate crank angle, Maximum pressure rise rate, Maximum pressure rise rate crank angle, Maximum pressure, Maximum pressure crank angle, Start of Combustion, Total heat release, Ignition delay, ignition duration can be studied.

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